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Table 2 Analysis of researchers’ dialogue commentary

From: Visual narrative methodology in educational research with babies: triadic play in babies’ room

Dialogue commentary Infants’engagement Educator’s interaction Pedagogical strategies
A Self-initiated music performance Aware and responsive at all times Percussion instruments made available
Three babies respond to one another through senses – moving, seeing, hearing - rhythm, gaze, sound. Entering play without controlling it Social referencing, being playful together as part of group belonging
An experience that is collective, deeply felt and lived. (perezhivanie) Joins play, moving head and body in a spirit of playfulness Using power of shared sound and movement in a calm pedagogically supportive environment
L Babies’initiation of the music play Moves her head and body, and sings the sounds along with the babies’ music play Acknowledgement of babies’ initiation
Affective relations Joint play Joint communication by music
Elvin’s interest in the peers’ music play Demands in Elvin’s lunch eaten Take Elvin’s perspective and support to make a collective play
G Collective affective musical and relational experience. Agentic moment Creating a sense of togetherness Encouraging
Safe and valued environment Valuing children’s interests and initiatives
Babies responding to each other’s patterns of interaction and initiation Taking part in the musicality by moving, singing and looking (gaze) at all children