Featured Editorial: What ethical challenges do researchers face with videos and children?


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    Editorial interview

    Michael A. Peters, Tina Besley, Petar Jandrić and Milan Bajić

    Published on: 2 August 2016

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What is a video article?

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Learn more about video articles and how the video component could serve a number of purposes within the article as a whole. 

Aims and scope

The Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy represents a new movement in academic publishing by establishing the first video journal in the field of education and an associated open access database of video articles that capture the latest developments in educational practice. This emphasis includes teacher education, classroom teacher and child observation but expands to other pedagogical fields such as workplace learning, technology and social learning across multi-disciplinary domains of practice.  The journal also invites attention other forms of visual pedagogy such as documentary, film and social media, specifically those that align to education in its broadest sense. The journal provides a database of video articles that are dedicated to teaching and education fundamentals through easy to understand demonstrations. The journal uses the video medium and research on new visualization methodologies to provide structured interviews with leading researchers and scholars and as a means of advancing philosophical approaches to the study of visuality in education and society.

The journal aims to provide a platform for educational research in all forms of education and demonstrated pedagogy as a ready means to capture and globally share practitioner knowledge. It aims also to provide a research forum for the production of video articles to facilitate video data collection, dissemination, critical engagement and analysis. The journal aims to develop integrated visual approaches to educational research and practitioner knowledge in order to encourage innovation and to establish a new research frontiers in education.

Why publish in Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy?

Hear from Editor-in-Chief, Michael A. Peters, and President of the Association of Visual Pedagogy, Tina Besley, in this exciting Editorial interview!