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Table 1 Survey questions and the respective mean values

From: Don’t shoot! understanding students’ experiences of video-based learning and assessment in the arts

Number Mean St. Dev Median Questions
Q2 2.84 1.44 3 At the start of the year, how comfortable did you feel talking about your work on camera?
Q3 3.71 1.10 4 Generally speaking, how comfortable are you working with new technologies?
Q4 3.45 1.18 3 Having created your video blogs, how comfortable do you now feel when talking about your work on camera?
Q5 2.60 1.05 3 To what extent did creating video blogs improve your acting performance?
Q6 1.81 1.05 1 How frequently did you go back in the blog and re-watch videos you had made?
Q7 2.42 1.20 2 To what extent did reviewing your videos helped you understand your learning process?
Q8 2.48 1.09 2 To what extent did creating video blogs make your subject easier to understand (or learning material easier to absorb)?
Q9 2.16 1.19 2 Did video blogging make you more motivated to learn about your subject?
Q10 3.10 1.01 3 To what extent was the video blogging aspect of the course a poor use of your time?
Q11 3.95 1.00 4 To what extent was Acclaim (the platform in Blackboard) easy to use?
Q12 3.19 1.49 3 How comfortable did you feel having your work viewed by other students?
Q13 2.31 1.02 2 How often did you watch videos made by other students?
Q14 2.87 1.23 3 How valuable was watching other students’ video blogs?
Q15 1.19 0.60 1 How often did you post comments on other videos?
Q16 2.19 1.33 2 To what extent did watching other students’ video blogs increase your sense of community on the course?