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Table 1 Phases of set shoot in Basketball. Basic movement of joints involved in the set shoot

From: Construction and importance of video based analyses teaching in physical education by use of window live movie maker

Phases Body Position Joints Movements
L- Phase
 ➢ Flexing of joints (Step 1)
 ➢ Angles of Joints decreases (Step 2)
 ➢ Range o f Motion (Step 3)
The throwing hand is in the shape of alphabet “L” when in ready position.
Counter-action of upper and lower extremities can be seen to balance the body.
Elbow Joint of the throwing hands makes an angle of 90 degree when ready position.
The elbows and knees joints start flexing which act as a lever to generate force for the action.
 ➢ Leverage Extension (Step 4)
 ➢ Back Spin (Step 5)
The throwing hand take I- shape when extended. The fingertips are used to release the ball to make it spin backward so that the ball remains near the rim. The Elbow’s and Knees joints which act as a lever (1st class) start extending to give force to the ball.
 ➢ Follow Through
In the Good-bye phase, when you snap your wrist by waving like Good Bye. The Elbows and knees joints axe fully extended so that the body weight is transfer to the feet. The wrist makes a follow through